INVEST-STROI PROJECT specializes in the field of construction engineering, development of residential and office buildings as well as investment and trading with real estates.

The company started its activities in 2003. Its activities are supported by qualified personnel consisting of professionals, who monitor the step-by-step, correct and safe execution of the construction works.

For the realization of its projects, INVEST-STROI PROJECT relies on a highly qualified team, modern equipment and high standards in all stages of the project - research, design, implementation, and individual approach to the clients. The company management combines expertise with practical sense for the customer’s needs and uncompromising pursuit of quality standards in every dimension.

Since 2003, INVEST-STROI PROJECT found a stable place in the construction market in Burgas, observing the basic principles set out in the company policy, as follows:

  1. - Proper and responsible attitude towards owners and INVESTORS of the properties that is achieved by observing all the commitments made by the company to the specific site or type of construction works. Our clients can feel secure in the financing and during the construction process as all the sites that the company has started, have been completed with great quality and in a timely manner.
  2. - Financial stability of the company, achieved thanks to the wide range of owned tangible assets.
  3. - Timely and quality execution of the agreed works.
  4. - Strict adherence to design projects and their implementation.
  5. - Successful implementation of internal quality control and constant striving to achieve better quality through systematic inspections of completed construction and assembly works and timely elimination of any identified deficiencies.
  6. - Successful absorption and application of modern technologies and materials in the implementation of the construction and assembly works.

Years of successful completed projects combined with firm policy based on honesty, accuracy and quality have created the name of Investstroiproject EOOD as a reliable and correct partner.

How to contact us?

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